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  • 05/16/11--16:40: Tables That Spell F-U-N
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    These number and letter-shaped side tables make regular geometric furniture feel so...square.

    Check out this great story from our friends at If It's Hip, It's Here!


    Designers Alessandro Canepa & Andrea Paulicelli of Italy's Mamadesignlab have created Fontable, a collection of alphanumeric metal tables. The new concept in modular elements brings a revolution to the world of furnishing accessories, building upon a graphic matrix to turn it into an item for interior design.

    FONTABLE are alphanumeric elements reproducing letters from A to Z in lower and upper case and numbers from 0 to 9 which become modular tables. Each element acquires three dimensions and personality and can be played around with, to customize ever changing and dynamic shapes.

    Tables are made in steel sheet with lacquered varnishing in white, black and red, with legs in anodized aluminum of adjustable height allowing to overlap table surfaces. Special finishing and further color variations are available on demand.

    Produced in a small atelier outside of Milan under the supervision of Alessandro & Andrea the tables are made from steel sheet with lacquered varnishing in white, black and red. Legs are in anodized aluminum and are height adjustable, allowing overlap of table surfaces.

    You can purchase the tables from Outdoorz Gallery.


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    Fashion muse and self-proclaimed "geratric starlet" Iris Apfel's apartment is overflowing with personal style (and an incredible antiques collection). Take a peek:

    While Iris Apfel wears many hats -- muse, jewelry designer, Old World Weavers co-founder, street style icon -- it's her star turn as interior decorator that's most impressive. After a stint working for a designer and finding that she could out-decorate (and out-shop) her easily, Apfel started her own firm and attracted clients with her remarkable style. "I guess people thought if I could decorate myself I could decorate a room or two," she told Architectural Digest.

    iris apfel homeRoger Davies for Architectural Digest

    There's the legendary Apfel in her living room, surrounded by an 18th-century French bleached oak boiserie, a chair covered in Old World Weavers tapestry fabric and plenty of singerie -- fashionable monkeys satirizing human behavior.

    iris apfel homeRoger Davies for Architectural Digest

    In the library, a Louis XVI daybed sits below a Dutch painting and pale green molding. Extra points if you can count all the patterns.

    iris apfel homeRoger Davies for Architectural Digest

    No surprise here -- the woman that inspired a 2005 exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a to-die-for closet...that lives in its own separate room.

    Want to see the rest of the amazing home? Head over to Architectural Digest to see the full slideshow, a Q&A with Apfel or take a closer look at her style.


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    Katy Perry and Russell Brand have listed their Los Feliz home for almost $150,000 more than they paid two years ago. But why are the listing photos so bland?

    katy perry houseAOL Real Estate; Getty

    Dear Katy,

    It's great to hear that you and Russell Brand have put your house on the market. No, no thanks, I'm not looking to buy but thanks anyways. Over at AOL Real Estate, they're a little shocked at your hubris for upping the selling price so soon after you bought the place but we get it: You're a celebrity! The house is worth more now just because you and Russell lived in it. (And apparently outfitted it with a vintage pink refrigerator? Cute.)

    Anyways, I know these are probably the staging photos from back before you even moved in. And my beef with you is this: If you're selling, why not show us what the real Katy Perry house looks like? Honestly, these photos are not terrible -- for a normal person, we'd be impressed. But for you and Russell: So much white and wood? Come on, where's the color? See, for all I know, your place looks as gorgeous as this:

    Katy Perry HouseCustom illustration by Michaela Hogarty, Flight of Design.

    ...But you won't even show us.

    So Katy, if you don't get any takers, get the house professionally shot and list with those photos. Because baby, you're a firework. Come on show 'em what you're worth!


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    Or check out this video of how to get Katy Perry's style:

    Copy Her Look: Katy Perry


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    The shelter magazine Editor-in-Chief talks about the importance of great light, motivating yourself to clean and how he chooses the houses that appear in ELLE DÉCOR.

    Last week when I toured the ELLE DÉCOR Modern Life Concept House, Michael Boodro kindly sat down to answer my nosy questions. Want to eavesdrop on the conversation? Come right in.

    elle decor michael boodroMichael Boodro in the Carrier & Company-designed living room in the ELLE DÉCOR Modern Life Concept House. Photo: ShelterPop.

    ShelterPop: When it comes to homes, everyone has to give up something to get the rest of what they want. What do you give up?

    Michael Boodro: As much as a I love a room with a view, I'd give up a view for a great neighborhood or for the architecture of a space. I have a nice view in my apartment, it's just streets and other buildings -- no river view like the Concept House -- but I live in a neighborhood that I love and I have nice light. That's something I couldn't give up.

    ShelterPop: What's the easiest way to give a home the ELLE DÉCOR touch in an afternoon?

    Michael Boodro:
    Clean off one surface and get some flowers in the room. Cleaning off a surface -- cocktail table, bookshelf, kitchen counter, anything -- is such an important thing to do. Take a look at what's there and ask yourself: What have you stopped appreciating? Rotate it out with something else. Then add flowers. Go to the flower market, the deli, get a branch of cherry blossoms. It will make your weekend so much more entertaining.

    ShelterPop: It's true -- just getting rid of extra things sitting around can make a huge difference. But how do you get motivated to start?

    Michael Boodro: You just have to get sick of looking at it. You have to look at something and decide that, OK, this is an intolerable situation. Spring is a good time for this -- more sunlight comes, you see the dirty windows, you start to notice the piles accumulating. It's a good time to weed out the bookcases, give things away. It's very liberating.

    ShelterPop: What would people be surprised to find out about your job?

    Michael Boodro: My job is not just to publish beautiful rooms. If that's all you do, they start to look alike. We have to do unusual rooms, homes that are ahead of the curve and homes that are so far ahead of the curve that they look backwards. We see a lot of houses that are very beautiful but we have to say no sometimes. People always ask me: "What are you looking for?" I know it when I see it.

    ShelterPop: What would people be surprised to find out about your house?

    Michael Boodro: Well, people who come to my apartment in the city would be surprised at my country house...and vice versa. because they have very different personalities. Both of which I love. My New York apartment is all about very pale colors and my country house is very vivid.

    ShelterPop: Could you switch them?

    No. It has to do with the light. New York City lighting is more gray. And being out in the country you go out more, so you can take more intense color. In the city, I come home and I really want serenity. In the country, it's more active. The country is more about flea market finds, the city is a more refined space.

    Thanks, Michael!

    Now, looking for more editor interviews? Check out...

    Dara Caponigro of Veranda
    Newell Turner of House Beautiful
    Paloma Contreas of High Gloss

    And if you've now got spring cleaning on the brain, check out this video...

    Spring Cleaning Tips


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    When choosing paint colors for your kitchen, we know you're already balancing what you want, what your family wants and what works with the rest of your home. Now here's one more thing to throw into the equation: What color will make you overeat?

    Take a look at these two kitchens. Does one of them make you feel more hungry than the other?

    kitchen paintKathleen Smith, Alamy

    kitchen paintAlamy

    Whether or not you felt it from the photos, in real life it's the red kitchen that subconsciously stimulates your appetite. It also ups your blood pressure and heart rate, getting you all excited to act on that hunger. It's certainly the reason that fast food and supermarket chains rely on the hue for their logos. We're onto you, Wendy's and Costco!

    Meanwhile, blue has the opposite affect: It lowers blood pressure and pulse rate and among all the colors, is the least appetizing. Why? A combination of blue's calming effect and the simple fact that our bodies are trained to not associate blue with food. Think about it: Besides blueberries and the rare blue potato, can you name any other foods found in nature that are blue?

    Now that you know, take a look at two more colorful kitchens:

    kitchen paintElizabeth Whiting & Associates / Alamy

    kitchen paintChris Rose, Alamy

    Even if you're not about to repaint the entire room, keep this color psychology in mind when decorating the kitchen: Blue plates might help you eat less and a red tablecloth can be perfect for festive family meals when you want to keep everybody at the table.

    Looking for more kitchen makeover ideas? Take a look at...
    Minute Makeover: An Herb Garden in Your Kitchen
    A Kitchen Makeover Via Black, White and...Roosters?
    Kitchen Makeover Inspiration From Famous Moms


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    I knew I needed to replace my clothing rack. I said I needed to replace my clothing rack. But then the thing called my bluff and collapsed while I was away. Has your home had an "I-told-you-so" moment?

    I've been talking for months now about needing a better system to organize my clothes. Living in a one-bedroom rental with no closets (and no permission to drill into the walls), I've relied on rolling racks to hang all my clothes. It's a system that works, most of the time, but doesn't look great. "I swear, I'm going out really soon and investing in a closet system to streamline all this," I told a friend... a year ago. These days, I've been saying the same thing as the two rods strain under the weight of all the hangers, all the winter clothes that hadn't yet been put away, all the summer clothes that I'd started to pull out.

    Come to think of it, I also need to put away my winter clothes. Ah, add it to the list.

    Then this Sunday night, I came home from a weekend away and discovered this:

    smart-houseMy neighbors down the hall could hear my reaction. "Noooooo!" Photo: Amy Preiser.

    Yes, my dear rolling rack heard past my lies. It heard me say that I was going to take action -- to clean things up, get organized, make my home a better place -- but saw that I was actually doing nothing about it. So it did what any smart friend would do: It forced me into it.

    It's the same principle that causes your toilet to overflow after months of you hemming and hawing about calling the plumber about that weird little noise, the same one that causes a friend to spill red wine all over a sofa that you'd been planning to slipcover in something easy to wash.

    Yes, our homes have a habit of saying "I told you so" in their own little ways. And while I can admit that it's kind of magical, I'm still feeling annoyed at my closet collapse. Does that thing have to be so freaking smart?

    While I still deal with storing my clothes neatly until I have time this weekend to bring in that smart closet system I've been running my mouth about, please, share your own stories in the comments. When has your home "known best?" And did it force you to take action?

    And if you, like me, need some new storage options, check out these articles...
    Organize Your Shoes: 5 Fun Storage Solutions
    How to Organize: Overstuffed Drawers
    Storing Wine: Solutions for Every Budget

    Or this this video!

    How to Install a Storage System Rail


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    David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly renting a 7-bedroom summer home in Malibu. But who will house sit while they're away?

    Dear Victoria,

    So sorry I couldn't make it to your baby shower. I'm sure Demi Moore told you I was sad to miss it. No? Oh, weird.

    Anyways, I just read that you and David are renting a $27 million summer home. It sounds like a pretty swanky place: 10,180 square feet, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, overlooking the just goes on. And with a star architect, landscape designer and interior designer behind it, it's in pretty perfect shape.

    I'm not sure if the rumors are true. After all, you guys don't live that far from Malibu. Your great big Beverly Hills home isn't more than an hour's drive away. Sure, a long time to be in the car with three kids (and one on the way) but is that really worth the monthly rent of $158,753?

    I mean, let's revisit:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=1000067&pid=1000066&uts=1305720902

    If you really are taking the plunge, why not take away some of the stress of leaving behind your home and let me keep an eye on things. You just relax and enjoy this place. I'll make do in your old house. Deal?

    No, no, thank you. Yep, go ahead and Fed-Ex the keys over. Talk soon!


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    Or check out this video about Victoria Beckham's beach day style:

    Video: Victoria & David Beckham's Beach Day!


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    Once seen just on the necks of dogs (and rebellious teenagers), studs makes their way into the home world thanks to a feminine makeover.

    stud-decorLeft to right: Studs at Jonathan Adler and Shawn Soh's booths at ICFF. Photos: ShelterPop

    The Trend: Studs
    What We're Used To: Bold, severe metal spikes with rocker flair or neat, rounded-off spots on Hollywood Regency-style pieces.
    What's New: A subdued, tounge-in-cheek take on the look.
    Who's Doing It: At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Jonathan Adler turned the studs into a matte porcelain motif, lending his signature happy chic wares just a little bit of edge. And designer Shawn Soh softened the studs by turning them pink -- but still keeping the metallic sheen -- on her inventive take on the hide rug.

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    Spring Trend: We're Seeing Stripes
    2011 Design Trend: Watercolor Decor
    Trend Spotting: 2011's Hot Color Combos

    Or watch this video on more decor trends:

    Home Décor and Furniture Ideas


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    Feel stuck with your current tile backsplash? Don't. You can use plexiglass and decorative paper to create endless options for your kitchen.


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    Recipes are built around flavor, not color. So what happens when we draw decorating inspiration from the color palettes of our favorite foods?

    This week:
    A delicious summer salad whipped up by Style department Product Manager Marisa Todd.

    taste-palette-summer-saladLooks good, right? Photo: Jolie Novak.

    We wanted to get the fresh, organic look of all the bright colors and calming whites into a dining room.

    taste-palette-summer-saladCourtesy photos

    First up -- vivid green paint for the walls to capture the pale green of the pear. Then punch things up with a cheerful area rug with flecks of strawberry red. The Chippendale chairs pay tribute to the moody green of the avocado while the pale brown, round dining table and fluffy white chandelier mimic the colors and textures of the alfalfa sprouts.

    Still have summer salads on the brain? Check out these KitchenDaily recipes:
    Spinach Salad with Dates and Jicama
    Asian Chicken Salad with Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette
    Strawberry-Spinach Salad

    Or watch chef Tyler Florence make a delicious summer salad:
    Tyler Florence's Summer Salad Recipes


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  • 05/19/11--15:26: Entra Magazine: Sneak Peek
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    A group of former Architectural Digest staffers come together to launch a new design and architecture magazine. Want a peek inside?

    Entra Magazine

    The newest online magazine to hit the virtual newsstand is an outsider in more ways than one: While most of the magazines were started by bloggers, the slick Entra Magazine's staff is made up of former print magazine editors, art directors and design history scholars. It's a decidedly more serious take on the genre, with a focus on fine photography, high-end spaces and a sleeker look than the rest. And in a bold move, Entra will be available only to paid subscribers -- though their inaugural issue is free to the public.

    A look at a Shope Reno Wharton-designed house in Aspen. Photo: David O. Marlow for Entra Magazine

    "Our reader is the design lover," editor Lisa Bingham told me by email. "No matter who you are, when you read Entra there's something for you. If you're a professional, maybe there's a new source for you; if you love doing your own house, there are plenty of ideas (our software actually allows you to crop and save details you might like); maybe you just love looking at beautiful things, and there are plenty of them on every single page."

    A spread featureing a Louis XIII chateau in Normandy. Photo: Mireille Roobaert for Entra Magazine

    Want to see more? Head over the site to browse the 280-page first issue.

    Want more online magazine news? Check out...
    Matchbook Magazine: Our Peek at Issue #2
    High Gloss Magazine: Sneak Peek
    Rue Magazine: Our Exclusive First Look!

    Or check out this video about another magazine: Mindful Metropolis.

    Mindful Metropolis Magazine: The Mindful Citizen


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    The "Million Dollar Decorator" star Mary McDonald transformed an LA store window into an homage to painter Jeremiah Goodman -- and his muse Diana Vreeland.

    nes creative services

    Usually when I drool over a store window it's because I'm desperate to make a purchase. This time, it's because I want to move in. To celebrate the Legends of La Cienega weekend in Los Angeles, Mary McDonald took over the window of the Dragonette showroom and infused it with enough red, gold and glamour to make the Diana Vreeland manican feel right at home. Among McDonald's inspirations for the space: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, a first kiss and her black velvet Christmas dress. Check out the rest of it here:

    nes creative services

    Looking for more inspiring spaces? Check out:
    House of Worship: Iris Apfel's Home
    House Tour: Industrial Designer Joe Doucet's NYC Apartment

    Or watch this video house tour of actress Sarah Jane Morris' eco-friendly home!

    Sarah and Ned's Home Tour in Los Angeles


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    A fashion designer's Los Angeles home is chic, classic and just off-kilter enough to keep things interesting. Take a peek:

    It makes sense that Corinne Grassini's decor revolves around mixed textures and strong structured pieces -- her clothing line, Society for Rational Dress, follow the same rules. "An architect, like a clothing designer, designs a space that a person is going to move around in. It is our job to make that space comforting, inviting and inspiring," she says.

    society-for-rational-dressEmily Anderson for Rue Magazine

    The full tour of Grassini's home will be featured in issue #5 of Rue Magazine, available online on Monday 23rd. We're expecting more organic forms and simple materials made special by killer accessories and a serious understanding of how to do white right.

    society-for-rational-dressEmily Anderson for Rue Magazine

    Looking for more inspiring spaces? Check out:
    House of Worship: Mary McDonald's Store Window
    House of Worship: Iris Apfel's Home

    Or watch this fun house tour:

    Sabrina and Julian's Home Tour in San Francisco


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    This year at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, designers couldn't seem to decide whether to put form or function first. The result: Great looking, forward-thinking storage. Our boring bookshelves are getting nervous...

    Check out this gallery of the best pieces:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=1000284&pid=1000283&uts=1305837329



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    Tour the Brimfield Antique Show with Tommy Hilfiger's EVP of Global Creative Services as he stocks up on evocative, bold and "perfectly imperfect" pieces to decorate their stores and pop-up shops.

    Trent Wisehart doesn't shop antique shows like you or I, searching for pieces that fit in a specific space or match a certain room's decor: He's on the hunt for extraordinary furniture, accessories and curiosities of all shapes and sizes to bring back to the Tommy Hilfiger stores all over the world. Those pieces -- like a forest green Chesterfield sofa or an oversized decorative mirror -- give the stores a special, lived-in feel. It's almost as if you're shopping the closet of a well-traveled friend.

    On top of store decor, he's also searching for pieces to furnish the brand's pop-up houses -- module homes designed to look like authentic beach houses, right down to the aged shingles. While the houses have already dropped down (and then packed back up) in New York, Paris and London, there's more to come: Los Angeles-based readers can head over to The Grove during June 10th-12th to tour and shop the next pop-up house -- and admire this one's tennis racket chandelier. Or if you'll be in Europe this summer, check out the full Prep World Tour.

    Feeling envious of Trent's antique haul? Consider coming out to the next Brimfield Shows on July 12th-17th or September 6th-11th.

    Now that you've got antiques on the brain, check out...
    How to Bargain at Flea Markets
    Our Picks: Top 5 Flea Markets in the Country
    The Best Flea Markets in the World


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    You spend time curating the flowers in your garden, so why settle for standard pots?

    Check out this genius home rescue from our friends at CasaSugar!

    unique planters
    No outdoor space is complete without some lush greenery, be it natural to your landscape or planted. If you're decorating a patio, balcony, or a deck, some hip planters are a must have to amp up the green factor. I've found a few unusual modern choices that are sure to give your exterior space a little more intrigue. Check out my fab finds!

    unique plantersCasaSugar

    The Recycled Wine Barrel Planter ($299) from Napa Style has a contemporary vineyard look that's great for herbs, flowers, succulents, or any combination of plants.

    unique plantersCasaSugar

    On the left:The Woolly Pocket Outdoor Wall Planter ($40) grows your garden herbs and other plants from the ground up. In a brilliant blue hue, it'll make a statement on your outdoor walls.

    On the right: The Wallter Post Planter ($92) will fit right in among your garden torchieres.

    Check out the rest of these great modern planters over at CasaSugar!

    And watch this video about bringing container planters into your garden:

    How to Use Container Planters in Your Garden


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    We're obsessed with StyleList's "Look of the Day." We're obsessed with decor. So why not put them together in a shoppable, fashion-fueled room?

    This Weekend's Pick: Hanneli Mustaparta

    Beautiful blogger (and yes, model) Hanneli Mustaparta went with a classic black and white ensemble at the opening of Section 2 of the High Line. By pairing the black blouse and skirt with geometric white accents -- including that sleek white collar -- she looks fresh, pulled together and like the perfect inspiration for a chic living room. And you can get the look at home: Click on the images below for product details and buying info.

    Hanneli keeps things simple here, and we followed suit. First up, we translated the geometric feel of her chunky shoes and bag to the wallpaper. And that fantastic pointed collar inspired the white triangles on the throw pillows and wall clock. Instead of choosing a plain black rug, we look a hint from the stunning blooms behind Hanneli and brought in one that has a little more punch. Same for the side table: The black and white geometric inlay pattern reflects her whole look -- right down to her sleek, ombre hair.

    Check in every weekend for another fashionable room. Take a look at last week's Alexa Chung-inspired and past rooms that pay tribute to...
    Demi Moore
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Helen Mirren


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  • 05/22/11--12:44: HomeGoods Opens in New York
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    New York has some of the best decor shops in the world. So why are we so excited about the new HomeGoods?

    The first HomeGoods to hit Manhattan hosted a pre-opening happy hour last Thursday, opening their doors to a group of designers, editors and celebrities. Did Nate Berkus fight over the last set of discounted Pratesi sheets with Real Housewives' Kelly Killoren Bensimon? No, but it could have happened. All three were there.

    homegoods nyReal Housewives love real bargains. Photos: HomeGoods.

    It might seem baffling to anyone living in a city that already has a HomeGoods: Why the fuss? In New York we already have amazing shops like Ochre and Michele Varian -- if there's something spectacular we need for our homes, we have hundreds of chic options to choose from. But there's something kind of genius about the off-price retailer. Maybe it's the idea that you can take home a lamp for less than the cost of dinner, or the fact that anytime someone compliments that lamp you get to gush "Oh you'll never believe how much I paid."

    At most New York store opening parties -- and there are many -- the focus is on toasting the new space with much too much champagne and getting your photo taken while looking impossibly glamorous. With HomeGoods, guests were zipping around with their carts and baskets, ignoring the passed hors d'oeuvres and sniffing out bargains. Why? Because getting a bargain in New York is harder than in most places: Things generally cost more and the competition for those few inexpensive items is high.

    At that opening party, everyone was celebrating a place where it was actually easy to save money. And when the store opens to the public today at 8am, I have no doubt that those shoppers will do the same.

    See more of our favorite places to shop here:
    Secret Source: Skyline Furniture

    Secret Source: Temporary Wallpaper
    Secret Source: Jayson Home & Garden

    And check out this video about where interior designers find their best pieces:

    Where Interior Designers Shop


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    Cleaning your floors is boring enough without bringing in the plain wood broom and white plastic dustpan. Bring a little fun into the process with these colorful pieces.

    clean your floorsCourtesy photos

    I'm not saying that an aqua vacuum is going to make cleaning haters into domestic wizards. But it will at least add a little visual interest to your chores. Who wants to stare at a plain black wastebasket?

    Clockwise from top left:

    -Striped Wood Broom and Dustpan, $32-$35, Viva Terra
    -Flexible Floor Duster by Casabella, $24,
    -Super Pine Wood Cleaner, $14 for 2, Gaiam
    -Eureka Boss 2-in-1 Quick-Up Stick Vacuum, $20, Walmart
    Mondrian Waste Basket, $195, Barneys

    Looking for more cleaning motivation? Check out...
    Laundry Room Ideas: Cheer Up Your Chores

    Christian Siriano Makes Cleaning Fun (Starting With His New Sponges)
    How to Organize a Closet: The Fun Way

    And watch this video about how to keep your house clean.

    How to Keep Your House Clean


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    Expand your list of must-read sites with our weekly site spotlight. Today, a loaded question makes for some beautiful photos and revealing lists on The Burning House.

    The Site: The Burning House
    The Draw: Stunning user-submitted photos and lists of the items they'd save if their house was burning down.
    Who's Behind It: New York City-based Foster Huntington, who also blogs about his obsession with clothes, photography and American lifestyles over at A Restless Transplant.
    Why We Can't Get Enough:
    Started In: May 2011

    the burning house

    French designer Aurélien packs sunglasses from Portland and a pack of Moleskins.

    the burning house

    On the left, Jewelry designer Kate Jones picks a watercolor of her beloved sailboat and her passport. On the right, Ohio-based Lauren Spisak brings an Egon Schiele picture and a change of clothes.

    the burning house

    38-year-old Brett Rogowski shows off his most treasured possessions, including his pug Gimli.


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