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    Not only does actress Keri Russell have a envy-inducing house, she's got a craftsman/carpenter husband who made the place even more stunning.

    keri russell houseWilliam Waldron via ELLE DECOR

    Dear Keri,

    Come on now, you're a celebrity. I expect you to have a gorgeous house and pose all casually in it for your ELLE DECOR shoot, but did you really have to go and marry Shane Deary, a Brooklyn-based contractor? Couldn't you have gone with a movie star or football player and left the very studly (and very talented) Deary for some other gal who doesn't have so many options?

    keri russell houseWilliam Waldron via ELLE DECOR

    Yes, your closet is amazing, and yes I see how cool it is to have your husband build it for you but seriously Keri -- you could have afforded to pay someone to do that. There are plenty of women who would kill for a guy to make them built-in shelves like that. Don't you care about them?

    Listen, for the most part, us normal women stay away from celebrity guys. So please, stay away from our regular guys...especially the really handy ones. What's next, Jennifer Aniston dating a top-tier plumber? Taylor Swift shacking up with an electrician? We all know that there aren't as many DIY-savvy guys as there used to be, so please, leave the remaining ones alone.


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    Spend the Weekend at Frank Sinatra's House

    Or watch this interview with Keri Russell and Will Arnett:

    Will Arnett & Keri Russell Show Off Their Running Wilde Chemistry


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    Sarah Palin allegedly bought a $1.7 million home in Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend. Worried she won't invite you over? No worries, can you tour it with us.

    sarah-palin-house-arizonaRed Think / Spencer Weiner for AP

    If reports are true, Sarah Palin may be movin' on up to Arizona, to the 7.971 square-foot home that her entity, Delaware-based "Safari Investments," just purchased. The house has five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a six-car garage and basement amenities like a wine cellar and home theater.

    More perks? A gourmet kitchen, carved stone fireplaces, walk-in closets and a backyard complete with a pool, spa and cabana. But we bet none of these are as exciting to Palin as the allure of being close to daughter Bristol's home. Or, if the reports are correct -- a homebase for a Senate or Presidential run. Only time and speculation will tell. But for now: Let's take a look at this place.

    sarah-palin-house-arizonaRed Think Media

    sarah-palin-house-arizonaRed Think Media

    Before you go: Are you a fan of ShelterPop on Facebook? Head over now and you could win a laptop!

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    Spend the Weekend at Frank Sinatra's House

    Or see who will play Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO film!

    Julianne Moore Set to Play Sarah Palin in HBO Movie


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    "We love our kitchen and we love to cook together. But there's just not enough room!"-Sophia O'Hara

    The O'Haras

    How do you solve the problem of a small kitchen without knocking down an adjacent wall? Some serious storage. We gave the O'Haras the gift of space by bringing in an extra workstation on wheels -- Pat's own "culinary man cave." Not only does it give the kitchen extra counter and storage space, it can be rolled to the dining area and used as a serving station.

    To clear up even more space on the original counters, we brought in mounted storage for knives and utensils so that they're only taking up room on the wall. Easy, right?

    The O'Haras have an organized kitchen with ample counter space.

    Before you go: Are you a fan of ShelterPop on Facebook? Head over now and you could win a laptop!


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    Planning a picnic? You take care of the food, we've got a sweet setup ready for you to win.


    It's no secret that we're crazy for Target's designer collaborations. And while we have to wait until September for Missoni for Target, the amazing Calypso for Target line is in stores and online now. The only issue: It's going fast. So we rounded up a collection of our favorite pieces for one lucky reader to win. And the best part: It lends itself pretty perfectly to a chic picnic -- just add a blanket and seven of your closest friends.

    Interested in winning? Here's how you enter:

    To enter click below to tweet and tell us which friends you'll invite to your picnic. Don't forget to follow @ShelterPop and add #ChicPicnic so we can find your tweet.

    o. If you're not a Twitter fanatic like us, leave a comment below telling us your favorite food to pack for a picnic.

    o. Your comment or tweet must be left before midnight on Tuesday, May 31st and you may enter only once.

    o. 1 winner will be randomly selected to win the full prize: 1 silver pouf, 8 plates, 8 tumblers, 3 candle holders, 1 serving bowl, 1 pillow. The prize is valued at $200.

    o. The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 and older.

    * Click here for complete Official Rules. Winners will be notified by email, so be sure to provide a valid email address!

    Now: Need to whip something up for your picnic? Watch this video:

    Spring Picnic Idea


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    Think beanbag chairs are bizarre? Get a load of these seats made from rubberbands, piano hammers, liquor bottles and more.

    unique chairsA peek at some of the craziest seats. Photos: ShelterPop

    We expect to see designers pushing the envelope at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. But the designers behind these seats still impressed us with their creative materials, inventive shapes and overall take on one of the most often-used pieces of furniture: The humble chair.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=1000489&pid=1000488&uts=1306192791

    Before you go: Are you a fan of ShelterPop on Facebook? Head over now and you could win a laptop!

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    The Best-Looking, Hardest-Working New Storage From ICFF

    Organize Your Shoes: 5 Fun Storage Solutions

    Clean Your Floors With Colorful Supplies

    Or if you want to make your own chair, check out this video on how to make your own beanbag chair:

    How to Make a Bean Bag Chair


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    Surprise, surprise; a fashion designer with an enviable closet. But it's the setup -- not the clothes -- that's making us sweat.

    erin fetherston closetClaiborne Swanson Frank for VOGUE

    The best part about Erin Fetherston's apartment, as featured on's APT with LSD is easily the closet. That's because while the rest of the designer's space is decorated with lovely pieces, it's her closet that's adorned with what she knows best; clothes.

    erin fetherston closetClaiborne Swanson Frank for VOGUE

    Yes, there are a few grand homewares in here -- mirrors, lighting, the works. But it's the dresses that take center stage.

    erin fetherston closetClaiborne Swanson Frank for VOGUE

    The lesson here: When organizing your closet, don't get too caught up trying to achieve a perfectly neat setup. If you've got beautiful clothes, let them out! Even a plain clothing rack can look glamorous when you've got a series of colorful, stunning outfits hanging off of it.

    Before you go: Are you a fan of ShelterPop on Facebook? Head over now and you could win a laptop!

    Looking for more inspiring spaces? Check out:
    House of Worship: Society for Rational Dress' Corinne Grassini's Home

    House of Worship: Mary McDonald's Store Window
    House of Worship: Iris Apfel's Home

    Or watch this video about how to organize your closet like a pro:


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    Have bleary eyes, difficulty paying attention and the urge to ask the price on everything you see? Yep, you might have a case of PASD.


    There's no question that antiquing is exciting. You're treasure hunting, you're meeting new people, you're most likely snacking on something fried and delicious. Everywhere you turn, there's something you want! Your friends are changing out of their clothes and into vintage dresses! You just saw a taxidermy zebra and you kind of want it!

    But trolling antique shows and flea markets isn't all candy dishes and tufted banquettes. There's a darker side there, and it only shows itself as you're leaving the grounds. Post-Antiquing Stress Disorder may not be a recognized phenomenon -- at last check, it is not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -- but anyone who's ever gotten back into their car after a long day of thrifting knows the feeling. Have you experienced the symptoms?

    -Twitchy eyes: Forget looking in one direction -- your eyes are still used to scanning an area, searching for the next best thing. In the car, you can't stop looking from the air conditioner to the window to the mole on your passenger's face.

    -The Urge to Buy Everything: How much for the bumper sticker on the car in front of you? What about that dress on the billboard? Your brain is still in hyper-purchasing mode and it's hard to get out. You may try to haggle for your neighbor's cat.

    -Abandonment Issues: You left that perfect mid-century table for just 10 minutes while you ran to the ATM and then ... gone. No wonder you don't want to let your husband go to work.

    -An Unhealthy Sense of Competition: It is sort of okay to give the evil eye to the sweet old lady who got to that jewel-encrusted end table before you did. But at the grocery store afterwards? Take a deep breath and let her take all the time she needs with the apples.

    -Empty Wallet: Oops! Where'd all your money go? Oh right...

    Tell us: How do you feel post-antiquing? Share in the comments or on Facebook!

    And check out this video about antiquing with a real professional (we bet he doesn't even have to deal with PASD!):


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    Home furnishings and decor chain Restoration Hardware undergoes a major overhaul to attract a new audience and save the brand.

    This Thursday, WSJ. Magazine takes a close look at the rebirth of Restoration Hardware under co-CEO Gary Friedman. We've got an exclusive snapshot of the piece before you can read it in full on Thursday.

    restoration-hardware-makeoverThe changing face of Restoration Hardware. Photo: WSJ. Magazine.

    "In 2008, it wasn't clear whether we were going to make it," says Gary Friedman, tanned and wearing a vintage leather motorcycle jacket, an Alexander Yamaguchi henley and artfully distressed jeans, energetic despite a metaphysical tinge of road dust about him. In fact, he's just off the plane from a weeklong buying jaunt through India, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Thailand. The recession, which proved unkind to the home-furnishings segment in general (latest victim: Williams-Sonoma Home, or at least its freestanding stores), was particularly challenging for a company with a turbulent history and a muddled identity.

    Rather than hedging, he says, the company doubled down. "We said, 'Let's forget about the customer for a minute,' " Friedman says. "I don't mean that in an arrogant way. We believe that great brands don't chase customers, customers chase great brands." While everybody was "screaming value," Restoration went the other direction. "In bad economic times," argues Friedman, "quality becomes even more important, uniqueness becomes even more important-people need to be inspired to buy something."

    restoration-hardware-makeoverAnother "then and now" look at the brand's wares. Photo: WSJ. Magazine.

    With the shoeshine kits and "Aqua Trolls" (a lawn ornament that Friedman, upon joining the company in 2001, first took for Santa Claus; "now I'm half-Jewish, but I know Santa Claus") a distant memory, he now envisions Restoration as a kind of "open platform," an app store for home decor, where the likes of London furniture maker and antiques dealer Timothy Oulton and the Midwestern/Dutch pair of Mark Sage and Rudi Nijssen can craft new pieces out of old things, artisanal objects pitched somewhere between mall sameness and Design Center uniqueness. When I ask him what's left from the "old" Restoration Hardware, he stops to think. "There's a leather chair," he says, pausing as if searching for the right word, "that's evolved."

    Read the rest of the piece tomorrow in WSJ. Magazine


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    Among the perks that come with Elizabeth Taylor's Bel-Air mansion? Her English rose garden.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Did Elizabeth Taylor plant and maintain those stunning roses herself? Not exactly. But that doesn't mean they meant any less to her. It's that garden, that Taylor and former husband Larry Fortensky designed at a $200,000 cost, that inspired many of her fragrances -- and apparently the legend herself. "I can look out on the lovely garden, where one tree in particular inspires me if I am down. It has an exotic, magical quality, like the woods that come alive in The Wizard of Oz," she said of the space.

    Think the new owner will treasure it as much? Hopefully after paying $8.6 million they will! Take a look at it today:

    elizabeth-taylor-gardenDavid Mossler, Tele Properties Beverly Hills

    elizabeth-taylor-gardenDavid Mossler, Tele Properties Beverly Hills

    Looking for tips on how to plant roses in your own garden? Check out this video:

    How to Plant Roses in Your Garden


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  • 05/26/11--02:34: What Trees Flower in May?
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    May is already slipping into early summer. Before it leaves, see our list of trees that have been responsible for all the color and bloom this month.

    flowering-trees-mayA graceful city dogwood. Photo: Marie Viljoen

    Dogwoods dominate May. They belong to the familiar and diverse Cornus genus, whose early-to-late-spring blooms range from the bright yellow Cornelian cherries to the flamboyantly hot pinks to the understated and elegant cream and pale green of flowering dogwoods (Cornus florida) and Kousa dogwoods (Cornus kousa). About 45 species strong, there is probably a dogwood for every palate and situation. The two last, well-known dogwoods have many cultivars, most of which are happy in USDA Zones 5-8, preferring neutral to acidic soil, and tolerating semi-shade very well.

    flowering-trees-mayGolden chain tree. Photo: Marie Viljoen

    The golden chain tree is often confused with the golden-rain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata), which blooms in June. Laburnum is the chain tree and its deliciously scented pea-like flowers resemble long yellow chains, or the blooms of a slender wisteria. Famously trained into arbors, the flowers drip luxuriously over people walking beneath, but you only need one to enjoy its scent and unmistakable blooms. Laburnum x wateri likes some protection from hot afternoon sun in warm climates, and is hardy from USDA Zones 6-8. This is also a good tree for a small garden.

    flowering-trees-maySargent cranberry bush. Photo: Marie Viljoen

    Viburnums are shrubs, but Sargent cranberry bush (Viburnum sargentii) grows tall enough and wide enough to be treated as a particularly pretty tree. It can be grown in full sun or partial shade, and its flat-topped flower clusters turn into tart, edible red berries in the fall. This is a very hardy plant, from USDA Zones 3 - 7.

    flowering-trees-mayPawpaw tree. Photo: Marie Viljoen

    Asimina triloba (pawpaw) is an Eastern North American tree more familiar to the South, but hardy enough to grow in colder climates, where it is considered endangered or threatened in the wild. Its curious flowers are burgundy-brown and they stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw their upside-down cups in a Manhattan garden. These flowers produce the largest edible fruit of any North American plant. It is hardy from USDA Zones 6 - 9.

    flowering-trees-mayMedlar tree. Photo: Marie Viljoen

    And since we are on the subject of unusual fruit, how about the medlar, Mespilus germanica? I saw my first medlar tree at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and was riveted by its beautiful white flower surrounded by long glossy leaves. An Iranian reader of my blog identified it as the medlar. The tree is native to Persia, and the hard fruits are edible -- with an applesauce flavor -- only after being bletted (softened) by frost. They persist on the tree long after leaves have dropped, like the persimmon. Medlars prefer full sun in a protected spot and are hardy down to USDA Zone 6.

    To catch up on our series highlighting trees that bloom from snow to frost, read about the flowers of February, March and April.

    And check out this video all about dogwoods!

    Learning About Dogwood Trees


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    Actress/model Estella Warren has had a busy week: She listed her Bel Air home for $1.4 million ... and posted $100,000 bail after being arrested for a DUI.

    After putting her recently remodeled 3-bedroom house on the market, "Planet of the Apes" star Estella Warren went on a bender. She crashed into three cars, accosted bystanders, was arrested for DUI ... and then escaped the police station before posting bail. Maybe it's the stress of selling her home that's getting to her?

    estella-warren-houseRed Think Media; Getty

    We'll say -- it is a pretty lovely place. An open floor plan with set breakfast bar, new appliances, sunken living room and stunning outdoor space. Want to take a look inside? Come right in...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=1000735&pid=1000734&uts=1306363247


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    Kathryn M. Ireland of "Million Dollar Decorators" obviously has great, expensive taste. But check out her lower-cost alternatives for non-millionaires.

    Amanda Waas of You're Welcome spoke to the designer to get her high/low picks. Here, a peek at our favorites:

    million-dollar-decoratorsYeah You're Welcome

    High: San Strata Vase, Anthropologie, $998
    Low: Favrille Fire Dance Vase, Bellacor, $90

    High: Graham Indigo Pillow, Kathryn Ireland, $240
    Low: Bukhara Pillow, Z Gallerie, $50

    High: Pillar Candle Chandelier, Restoration Hardware, $1,125
    Low: Hatcher Chandelier, Pottery Barn, $449

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda! You can check out the rest of Kathryn's picks or these other great pieces:

    A Gift Guide For BBQs
    My 5 Best Gifts: Clay Kramer from Interior Gurus


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  • 05/26/11--02:34: Design Pin-Ups: Parvez Taj
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    True design lovers can't limit their aesthetic crushes to furniture and patterns. So we're spotlighting the designers that make us blush. This week, we can't take our eyes off of Parvez Taj.

    Los Angeles-based artist Parvez Taj is anything but two-dimensional. Taj brings his colorful screenprints to reclaimed wood, mirrors, bamboo and aluminum to create larger-than-life visions of cityscapes, geometrics and floral bursts.

    parvez-tajParvez Taj and one of his aluminum and bamboo panels. Photo: Parvez Taj.

    You may recognize Taj's work from when it was sold by CB2 last year. But I'm most smitten with the way his dreamy prints look when illuminated as a hanging lamp or light-up acrylic seat.

    Another medium that suits his aethetic well: Aluminum composite lends an extra shimmer to the images. Doesn't this one look like it's exploding with light?

    And you can take a look at Taj's work on display in this video he shared with us. (Those light-up seats need to be seen in video to see their full beauty.)

    Have a designer to nominate for the next Design Pin-Up? Let us know on Twitter! And check out our previous picks: Rafael de Cárdenas and
    hOmE's Evan & Oliver Haslegrave.


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    New cabinetry, new color scheme and a major chandelier turn this stark space into a knock-out kitchen.

    This Michigan home went through quite an overhaul when a retired couple set out to create their ideal, calming environment.

    Not a great look.The light wood cabinetry and blank walls and flooring are underwhelming and the dinky dining set is dwarfed by the size of the room. The problem here is clearly not the space -- the kitchen and eating area are a great size. It's just not being utilized in the correct way.

    Dark, cherry wood is the savior in this kitchen: It warms the space dramatically and makes it look homey. The wide plank flooring that replaced the carpet give a rustic feel and seamlessly connects the kitchen to the dining area. And a larger, thicker table takes command of the ample space. Seating for 12 looks effortless. (Cooking for 12? More difficult. But we'll leave that to the homeowners.)

    Another before view of the vacant kitchen. There's nothing to grab your eye or take you around the room. The small chandelier looks lost hanging in the middle of the space.

    By replacing the exterior wall's cabinets with a sliding door, the square kitchen becomes a breathable space with tons of natural light spilling in. The earth tones, stone detailing and blue accents give the tranquil feel that the homeowners were after -- while the daring chandelier keeps things interesting.

    Want to see more before and after pictures? Check out this white kitchen makeover and small kitchen makeover.


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    The former head of the International Monetary Fund and alleged sex offender has moved from prison to a 6,000 square-foot luxury building.

    For a socialist, Dominique Strauss-Kahn sure knows how to live it up, even while awaiting trial. The former head of the International Monetary Fund and alleged sex offender, who just last week was on suicide watch in a New York prison, moved into a 6,800 square-foot, $50,000-a-month townhouse in the posh neighborhood of TriBeCa last night. Pretty swanky digs for house arrest, oui?

    Among the amenities not usually available to those under arrest: 27-foot-wide floor plans, a motion-controlled theater, personal gym, a spa steam bath, nanny suite (perfect for his armed security guards) and a large planted terrace with "a Japanese paper glass wall." In the past, the ultra-luxe pad has attracted such celebrity looky-loos as Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez, who viewed the listing last year, according to the New York Post.

    Get the full story -- and a full home tour on AOL Real Estate!


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    We hope you have exciting plans for the long weekend. Really, we do. But if you don't, may we suggest spending at least part of your free day cleaning?

    best way to clean windowsJunos, Getty Images

    Yes, there are probably a million other things you'd rather do than spend your day off of work ... working. Indoors. But think of it this way: Memorial Day kicks off summer, making this your last weekend to officially accomplish spring cleaning and start your summer with a clean house. Will it stay that way through Labor Day? No. But waking up on June 1st with dust-free shelves and freshly-laundered bedding will give you the kind of enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment that's hard to match. Looking for ideas to get you started?

    -Clean Your Windows: The extra sunlight coming in through the clear glass will illuminate all the other things that need cleaning. Annoying, but helpful.

    -Organize Your Closet: First step: Turning on your work-out playlist to get you motivated. See, that's not so bad.

    -Clean With a Toothbrush: Get the sink drain, lampshades, frames, the works.

    -Deep Clean the Kitchen Sink: Beyond the simple spray-and-wipe -- bring out the baking soda and really scrub them.

    -Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions: White vinegar and water works wonders.

    -Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes: Really. We timed it for you.

    -Clean the Most Often Forgotten Spots: Behind the fridge, inside the microwave, the blinds, the works.

    -Organize Your Garage: From sweeping the floor to bringing in loft shelves.

    Looking for more cleaning inspiration? Check out these colorful floor-cleaning tools!


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    Have trouble committing to a piece of furniture? These people certainly didn't. And we can't help but admire their design-influenced tattoos.

    We don't spend much time looking at tattoos. But when we noticed Marc Jacobs' sofa tattoo and then learned that actor/prankster Andy Milonakis had a side table inked on his arm, we decided to do some research.

    Who knew so many design lovers wanted to share their obsession with the world? Check out some of our favorites:

    furniture-tattoosFlickr; Nick Baxter

    It's competing chair lovers. On the left: An Eames Wire chair tattoo. On the right, tattoo artist Nick Baxter's "More Chairs."

    furniture-tattoosNatalia Fabia; Butterfat Tattoo

    On the left, Natalia Fabia shows off a dramatic chandelier tattoo. On the right, a tribute to mid-century modern chairs from Butterfat Tattoos.

    Going a little more highbrow, this woman shows her love for Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic glass windowpanes.y

    IKEA Fans

    And one very, very devoted IKEA lover makes us giggle a little. Think he gets a discount for this ink?

    What do you think -- would you ever get a furniture tattoo?


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    Some artists draw on emotions; Annika Syrjamaki relies on more concrete means: Data from newspapers and stock markets.

    information-textilesDoes that look like a weather report to you? Photo: Annika Syrjamaki.

    Even if your eyes glaze over at charts and graphs, Annika Syrjamaki's "content-based" textile design will win you over. The artist's research project "The Daily Pattern" sources less-than-glamorous information -- think word frequency and the weather report -- and uses computer programming software to develop the numbers into patterns. Those patterns are then woven, printed or laser cut into stunning textiles. Wondering why she's after such fact-based inspiration? That's exactly the point. "Too often, textile design is approached from a purely aesthetic perspective," she writes on her site. "I want to design textiles that serve not only a stylistic, but also a communicative function, in which the resulting form is a direct product of the content itself."

    information-textilesLeft: Pattern based on "positive" versus "negative" words on teh front page of different newspapers. On the right: word frequency. Photos: Annika Syrjamaki .

    information-textilesA pattern sourced from a Swedish election program. Photo: Annika Syrjamaki

    Looking for more design with unlikely influences? Check out...
    Manhole Cover-Inspired Pillows

    Star Wars-Inspired Dishes


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    Looking for a pattern fix? The brand new Hotel Missoni in Kuwait has 18 floors fully decked out in Missoni prints, from the lobby furniture to the room's bathrobes.

    While Missoni's about to hit mass market America with their upcoming Target collection, they're still keeping their high-end fans happy with the launch of the latest Hotel Missoni in Kuwait.

    Bold stripes everywhere, dramatic lighting and colors that range from neutral to outrageous -- this decor is not for the timid.

    Take in the hotel's "Cucina," the heart of the place. Stop in for contemporary Italian dining and a floral explosion across the plush banquette.

    Not into the room's decor? Try looking out the window at the Arabian Gulf.

    In the bathrooms, rich turquoise walls and an enormous bathtub are perhaps the most luxurious touches in the whole place. And while we would never condone stealing towels, if you were the type to commit such a crime, these are the towels worth serving time for.


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    We love the StyleList's "It Happened Last Night." We love decor. So why not put them together in a shoppable, fashion-fueled room?

    This Weekend's Pick: Leona Lewis

    British singer-songwriter Leona Lewis wore a flirty two-piece Taka Naka ensemble and red pumps to help launch BBC Radio and 1Xtra's Hackney weekend. The combination of clean white, playful scalloped edges and a splash of red makes for the perfect inspiration for decorative accents. Check out these pieces that can bring the look home.

    fashion-room-leona-lewisCirca Lighting, Velocity, Velocity. Photo: Gareth, Cattermole, Getty Images

    Hanging lamp: Small Simple Scallop Pendant, $525, Circa Lighting.

    Storage: The Componibili Round Modular System by Kartell, starting at $117, Velocity.

    Mirror: Petite Shell Mirrors by Roost, starting at $20, Velocity.

    Check in every weekend for another fashionable room. Take a look at last week's Hanneli Mustaparta-inspired and past rooms that pay tribute to...
    Alexa Chung
    Demi Moore
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Helen Mirren


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